W.O.W. C.L.I.C.K. Z.A.P.

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W.O.W. Wondered On Word   

Have you ever read abible verse and have been literally taken back by its relevant truth orwonderful exciting revelation? Have everfelt an interesting insight leap off the page right into your heart? Have you ever just thought wow?  

Thinking “Wow” is being“Wondered On the Word.” Its looking to a verse by faith with theexpectation that insightful instruction, convicting concepts, discerningdiscipline, marvelous meditation, timely truths, wonderful warnings and radiant revelations await to bless and transform the heart and captivate the head.   

Sometimesa verse can be best understood or remembered in its nutshell form. When it’s put in a different light or said ina different way the truth splits and multiplies like light through a prism,making its brilliance more visible.  

Thinkingand reacting in a “Wow” mindset prepares your heart to accept God’s truth witha warm welcomed reception. Its thinkingon a first impression gut level that starts the process of letting that truth sink in and clicking and eventually becoming an active part of your life. 


C.L.I.C.K. Christ’s Life Is Commitment Key   

In the first few versesof the book of John we are told how significantly the word of God is. Galatians2:20 explains our identity with Christ and having his life exchanged for

ours. Chapters 6-8 in Romans explain yetmore about our life in Christ. In factthe entire bible can be described among many claims as a key to living for and more like Christ. 

In basketball the crowd may be in awe and think “Wow” at a long three point attempt, but the cheerscome when the ball goes through the basket. Being wondered on the word catches your attention, but a “Click” (Christ Life Is Connection Key) is when the basket is made and points are registered on the scoreboard.   

Bibleverses start to “Click” when you compare and concentrate on the truth with thelife. Jesus is the way, the truth andthe life (John 14:6). Connection between the written living wordare made by the Holy Spirit often timesenabling link so we can be transform by the renewing of our mind (Romans12:1,2).  



Z.A.P. Zealously Applying Principle   

Zap is where the rubberhits the road and becomes an everyday application in our lives. It’s literally a living rehearsal of a Bibleverse. A “Zap” (Zealously Applying Principle) is the lightning bolt that shakes the earth with a powerbeam of light from heaven.  

It’s when a biblicaltruth is so energizes that it becomes an effective part of our lives. “Verse Rehearse” then is literally makingGod’s word your life story by rehearsing the wonderful principles found inChrist’s life in the bible. Wow, ClickZap! 

Zap is the action stepand requires an action plan depending on the Wow and the Click. The “Wow, Click, Zap” approach is a biblestudy method that you can use anytime you see or hear a bible verse. By remembering the secret meanings behind theresourceful acronyms, you can start at habit of meditating on Gods’ word. Then figure out how Christ’s life and example applies to you everyday life. 


– Dan & Dave Davidson from the book  

Really Relevant, Super Significant,  P o w e r f u l 

P.R.O.M.I.S.E.S. For Teenagers Who   

WantTo Fall In Love With  Jesus Forever